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Boundary-scan test and programming applications are only as dependable as the hardware they run on. JTAG Technologies has the industry's most reliable IEEE 1149.x controllers, specifically designed by us for high throughput and the best signal integrity. High-speed DataBlaster controllers are available in all of the popular formats (PCI, PCIe, PXI, USB, Ethernet, Firewire) and are performance-scalable. If economy is a priority, the Explorer controller with a USB interface is the ideal choice.
  ATE Integration: Simple and effective  
  Want to improve the overall test coverage of your assembled boards? It's easy. Simply combine your JTAG Technologies boundary-scan tools with your existing automatic test equipment (ATE). We work with any vendor of in-circuit testers (ICT), flying probes (FPT) or functional testers (FT).

ATE integration is completely trouble free and merely involves adapting execution software to operate in the specific ATE environment. In many cases we develop dedicated, customized versions of the boundary-scan controllers or pods. This simplifies mechanical integration and preserves signal integrity.

The level of integration varies according to your needs and could involve:

  • A basic combination of application execution and diagnostic modules to allow a single operator GUI
  • A fully interlaced solution which drives test signals via boundary-scan and senses them via the native tester's pin or probe


Supporting products  
JT 2111/MPV  
The JT 2111/MPV (multi-purpose, multi-voltage) DIOS module is encased in a plastic housing for desk and provides 64 bi-directional I/Os, each accessible via boundary-scan. By driving and sensing I/O logic values, the structural integrity of edge and on-board connectors and logic clusters can be verified.
MIOS : JT2149 / DAF  
  • dual-purpose channels (channels B01 .. B16)
    • DIOS: 1.0V – 3.6V; 5V tolerant
    • Frequency counter: 10 Hz – 128 MHz
  • 1 channel (B01) programmable clock generator
    • range: 0.0596 Hz – 64 MHz in steps of 0.0596 Hz (59.6 mHz)
  • 12 analog input channels (channels A01 .. A12)
    • range: 0 to 32.768 V in step of 8 mV
    • accuracy: 2.5%

Contact jtag@inetest.co.in to get started.
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