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FlashRunner is a high-performance, standalone In-system programmer specific for Flash-based microcontrollers and serial memories. FlashRunner is targeted at production environments and can work either in full standalone mode or controlled by a host system..
  » Universal - Supports most popular microcontrollers and serial memories
  » Extremely Fast -Optimized programming algorithms, as fast as target device's memory technology limit
  » Innovative Logging system - for detailed error report and tracebility
  » Easy ATE Integration - Mechanical, hardware and software
  » Supports Most ISP Protocols - SPI, JTAG, SCI, BDM, I C, MON08 and other serial interfaces
  » Three Host Connections - Ethernet, RS-232, USB
  » Gang able - Through Ethernet or control lines
  » Standard Memory Card - To store projects, binary images, log files
  » Fully Protected - Optoisolated I/O lines and anti-shock protection
Fully Upgradable - Designed to support new devices and customerspecific programming algorithms
MP8011 Gang programming Systems
The MP8011A Gang Programming System, in combination with a standard personal computer, is a full featured, high-performance multiple (gang) programming system specific for FLASH-based microcontrollers. MP8011A supports the concurrent programming of up to eight devices; different device packages can be accommodated through DIP, SDIP, SOP, SSOP, PLCC, QFP and TQFP adapters.
MP8011A is a PC-hosted programmer: it communicates with a Windows 9x/Me/2000/NT user interface through the LPT parallel port. The MP8011A hardware has two separate sections: a single, universal and upgradable base unit, ready to support current and future devices, and a number of device specific programming heads. When you need to program a new device family or package you only need to change the programming heads, not the whole programmer.
Programming Heads
Programming heads are small printed circuit boards which connect to the programming sites on the base unit. Each programming head includes the appropriate socket–and the appropriate electrical connections–for programming a specific device. Each programming head includes a “Good” LED which, at the end of an operation on the device, turns on indicating the operation has been successful.
Easy Upgrades
The upgrading operation for the support of new devices is as simple as downloading new releases of the PC software, always available from SofTec Microsystems web site, and eventually changing the Device-specific programming heads.
  Key Feature
  - Gang Programming System Specific for EPROM-, EEPROM and FLASH-Based Microcontrollers
  - Single and Upgradeable Base Unit
  - Device-Specific Programming Heads for All Packages
  - Up to 8 Devices Programmable at Once
  - Fast Programming Algorithms Approved by Silicon Manufacturers
  - Fast Parallel Port Connection
Compact and Robust Hardware
FlashRunner is the First Complete
Production In-System Programmer
specifically designed for Manufacturing lines
Gang Programming Systems
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