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  :: Saki - 3D-AOI systems improve process quality, efficiency, and productivity to improve profits.


Saki combines proprietary hardware and software to produce a stable, highly accurate system that improves production and maximizes process efficiency and product quality.

Just as with 2D AOI, Saki has been in the forefront of 3D AOI development. Saki has now introduced its 3rd generation AOI systems. These flexible and adaptable, high-quality, cost-effective systems can be used for simple verification to full algorithm-based measurements.

Saki's rigid gantry structure is a key component of the 3Di-LS2, 3Di-LD2, and 3Di-ZS2 hardware platforms. A dual-motor drive system, linear scale, and full closed-loop functionality provide machine accuracy and repeatability to generate absolute measurement data, which is essential for accurate machine-2-machine (M2M) communication

  • Deliver a high-speed of 5,700mm2/sec
  • High accuracy, with XY positioning of 3µm at 3Ơ
  • Height repeatability below 2µm at 3Ơ
  • Scalable resolutions of 7, 12 and 18µm for boards weighing 12kg
  • CoaXPress interface in the overhead camera captures images 1.7 times faster



Key features of SAKI 3D AOI Series.

  • Self-diagnostic functions
  • Rigid gantry structure and dual motor drive system
  • High resolution linear scale for accurate positioning
  • Flexible Configurations for Diverse Requirements
  • Accurate 3D inspection & measurement for entire PCBA
  • Flexible gantry for M/L/XL PCBA sizes and dual lanes
  • One common platform supports 3D-SPI, 3D-AOI, and 3D-AXI
  • Saki Self-Programming (SSP) Software
  • Compliant with IPC standards Measurement Inspection & Tuning Function
  • Offline debugging with real-time program adjustments 
  • Height and extra component detection (ECD) functions
  • Through-hole device solder inspection Verification
  • Side cameras capture areas missed by overhead cameras


Dimensions L- Single Lane L-Duel Lane XL Single Lane
Model Name 3Di-LS2 3Di-LD2 3Di-ZS2
PCB Size (mm, in.) 7μm camera head Single mode Dual mode 50×60〜686×870,
7μm camera head
50×60〜330×330 50×60〜 330×330, 50×60〜 320×330, 
12/18μm camera head 12/18μm camera head
50×60〜500×510 50×60〜 500×510, 50×60〜 320×510,
PCB Clearance Top:40mm, 1.57in. Bottom:60mm, 2.36in Top:40mm, 1.57in. Bottom:50mm, 1.96in. Top:40mm, 1.57in. Bottom:60mm, 2.36in
Size (W)X(D)X(H) (mm,in) 1040×1440×1500 1040×1440×1500 1340×1440×1500
Weight  900kg, 1984.16lb  900kg, 1984.16lb  900kg, 1984.16lb
Electric Power  Single Phase〜200-240V+/-10%, 50/60Hz  
Air Requirement  0.5MPa, 5L/min(ANR)  
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