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   :: CMT Cabinet Modular Tester Benchtop Platform For FCT
  CMT stands for Cabinet Modular Tester. It represents advanced universal test platform for functional testing and In-circuit Testing. In combination with our sophisticated and easy-to-use test software SCADUS, CMT provides electrical measurements (RLC, voltages, currents, etc.). CMT can be equipped with oscilloscope for time domain measurements. The system is designed to integrate specific instruments (high digit DMMs, AC Power sources, LCR meters, LIN and CAN converters, ...) and it complies with all necessary standards for industrial product testers.
  » Universal tester for various applications
  » ICT, FCT, processor flashing
  » Stand-alone solution
  » Cards are connected directly with the fixture (cableless)
  » VPC G12 Interface
  » Vision tests
  » Industrial PC
  » Battery back-up (UPS)
  » Exchangeable fixtures
  » ICT, FCT, processor flashing
  » Automatic test program load
  Main Advantages
  » Price to Performance Ratio
  » Flexibility
  » Versatility
  » 3rd Party HW Compatible
  » Self-test implemented on each card
  » LabView, TestStand, SCADUS support
  CMT Cards
  » Multiplexer 96 channels
  » I/O card 96 channels
  » SSR MUX 16 isolated channels
  » Pneumatics card 12 channels
  » Communication card – UART, RS232, RS485, CAN, LIN, Flexray, etc.
    Microcontroller card
  » Special interface card – for Oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer, Power supplies, etc.
  Connector Interface
  » Durable G12 VPC interface
  » Platform allowing fast test fixture exchange for various products
  » Manual fixtures from ATX, Ingun, GPS
  » Easy and flexible aretation
  » Fixture identification - automatic test program loading from remote or local storage
  » Direct connection between fixture and tester
  » Cards are connected directly with the fixture (cableless)
  SCADUS (Smart Control and Development Universal Software) runs on Microsoft Windows hence providing an easy-to-use solution for controlling the tester. It allows 2 modes of operation – Engineer and Operator mode. It also contains debugging tools such as Visual Debugger which helps the engineer to debug testing tasks.
  Test Stand
  TestStand is a well-known sequencer from National Instruments for developing automated test systems. Together with LabView SW it is a powerful tool with worldwide support. TestStand platform allows us to design GUI (Graphical User Interface) according to the customer’s needs.
  Lab View
  Lab View is graphical systems engineering so􀅌ware for application requiring test, measurement, and control. It is an open SW platform allowing integra􀆟on of systems from other vendors (power supplies, DMMs, converters, etc.). It is a worldwide standard for measurement systems. Auto + Manual mode
  Graphical display of measured data allows user to exactly see and evaluate performance and behaviour of measured DUT (Devic e Under Test). DC motor test shown as an example.
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