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The APT-1600FD Series is a dual-sided flying probe test system which deploys the flying probes to both sides of a UUT. Owing to the dual-sided probing contact, the APT-1600FD Series can contribute to a marked increase in test coverage and also assures the shortest amount of test time.

In addition, the APT-1600FD Series has world-level advantages in test speed and positioning accuracy and is equipped with wealth of extraordinary test functionalities, so that your SMT boards can be tested with ease and precision in a short amount of time.


The latest APT-1600FD provides Ultra-fast flying probes and additional features as below, thereby increasing the test coverage & speed. ,

  • 4 Tilted probes (Top Side)
  • 2 Vertical probes (Top Side)
  • 2 Tilted probes (Bottom Side)
  • 2 Vertical probes (Bottom Side)
  • 2 IC open sensors (Top Side)
  • 2 LED color test sensors (Top & Bottom Side)
  Advantages APT 1600FD
  • Simultaneous test from top and bottom
  • No restriction by test of PCB in groups
  • No turning of the PCB for additive testing
  • No rotation of the PCB for further process steps (horizontal direction like in whole production process)
  • Contact side must not be equal to mounting side
    →much more flexible layout?  →LED, Open Checker, barcode, etc.
  Main Feature:
  • Unprecedented Test speed
  • Combination test : max. 0.02 0.03sec. / step
  • Single test : max. 0.05 0.06sec. / step
  • Strong and Rigid Granite XY stage
  • High end & High precision Measurement Unit
  • NSW Test for shortening of test time
  • Easy & User Friendly Software and Security Function
  • In Line System (APT 1600FD A) available
  • Attenuating Contact Pressure of Probes
  • Flexible PCB Clamp system
  • Enhanced Test Area & Clearance
  • Realization of Dynamic characteristics testing
  • Easy Connection to External Test Equipment
  • Test Ability in Constant State of Evolution
  • New Software Structure
  • Wealth of Options (Same as APT 1400F)
  • LED ON Colour Test
  • Colour camera & Vision system for AOI / Real map
  • Laser Displacement Measurement system
  • 16-bit DAC / ADC measuring device including 3 x DC 4-quadrant voltage supplies
  • R, L, C measurements
  • Measuring voltage <0.1V
  • Kelvin measurements
  • Guard functions
  • Diodes & Zener Diodes Measurement Functions
  • Transistors / FET / Optocoupler / Relay / etc.
  • DC / AC current and voltage measurements
  • Voltage regulators / operational amplifiers / transformers
  • Characteristic measurements of components and circuits
  • Insulation measurements
  • Continuous measurements
  • Frequency measurements
  • AC signal generator
  • Cluster tests
  • IC Open Sensor
  • LED tests (color and intensity)
  • Integration of external power supplies and test systems (Boundary Scan, In System Programming, etc.)
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