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   :: New AU Series - AUO 3000/4000 Series

Semi-Automatic PC- based 4-axis motion PCB Separator with 2-way sliding work exchanger.

The semi-automatic (offline) PCB Separator is the best solutions to fit the mass production in SMT line.

Dual working table enhances the production efficiency. Standard 2 machine models are applicable for different PCB sizes (330*350mm, 450*520mm). At same time Aurotek provides customize options to meet the specific demand of PCB production.

Friendly interface, accurate PCB Depanelling along with dual working table brings you more productive production experience.

Key Features:-

  • 2-way Sliding Exchanger.
  • Easy teaching with image processing.
  • Routing Bit Sectioning.
  • Friendly GUI.
  • Safety area sensor assures the operator's safety.
  • Precision of cutting 0.08mm .
  • Bit Break and Bit Slip Detection.
  • Small dust-collecting duct designed.
  • Duct is close to the milling area, removing dust at once while Depanelling.

More Accurate:-

  • KURODA high precision ball screw.
  • Panasonic servo motor.
  • Sycotec spindle.
  • Advantech industrial computer.
  • Aurotek motion control card.
  • Aurotek Vision System.

More Speedy:-
  • High-speed axis modules reach up to (max.) 1200mm/s.
  • Maximum cutting speed 100mm/s
  • 2 parallel processing tables. Maximize production throughput while minimizes idle time.
  • Customized fixture and tools. Production changeover can be done in just a few seconds.

Model No AUO 3000 /3000C L-Duel Lane
WORKING AREA X:330mm Y:350mm X:450mm Y:520mm
Working Table 2
PCB Thickness 0.8 ~ 3.0 mm
PCB Component Height (Max.) Upward: 15 mm / Downward: 45 mm
Motion Control 4 Axes with Panasonic AC Servo Motors
Moving Speed

Standard : X, Y=1,000 mm/s; Z=750 mm/s
Maximum: X, Y=1, 200 mm/s; Z=750 mm/s

Cutting Speed 0~100 mm/s
Cutting Accuracy ±80 μm
Positioning Repeatability ±10 μm
Cutting Modes Linear, Circular, U-Curve, Arc, L-Curve
Standard Bits  Ø 1.0 mm, Ø 1.2 mm, Ø 1.6 mm, Ø 2.0 mm
Operating System Windows 7
Pneumatic Pressure 0.5/0.6 Mpa (5/6 Bar)
Working Height 890 ~ 940 mm
Dimensions (W*D*H) 1565*1110*1462 mm +
Signal Light 561 mm
1789*1400*1435 mm +
Signal Light 561 mm
Net Weight (Approx.) 460 KGS 620 KGS
Vacuum Cleaner 3HP or 5HP
Standard Spindle

Standard: 4026, 265W,
(Max.) 58,000 rpm, Torque: 4.5 Ncm
Option 1: 4025DC-T, 470W,
(Max.) 30,000 rpm, Torque: 15 Ncm
Option 2: AP 008-ESD, 500W,
(Max.) 80,000 rpm, Torque: 8.4 Ncm

Standard Monitor  19" LCD Monitor
Power Supply 3 Phase AC220 V±5% 50 Hz/60 Hz, 4.0 kw
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