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  :: Aurotek Y - S168CE  
  Two-Slide PCB Separator
  » Loading and unloading simultaneously to limit the idle time
  » Available in linear and circular cutting to diminish restrictions of PCB design
  » Friendly man machine interface to minimize the time of programming
  » Vacuum cleaner with auto power on/offfunction to save power

Standard Specifications

Dimensions 1168 x 1480 x 1727 (CE)
Routing bit diameter Φ 0.8mm – Φ2mm (option over Φ2mm )
Precision of positioning ± 0.01mm
Precision of cutting ±0.1mm
Number of axes in use 3 (X,Y,Z)
Working Area X: 330mm, Y:330mm, Z:60mm (CE)
Component height Top side:15mm, Bottom side: 35mm ( with universal jig ) and 45 mm ( with Specific Jig )
Driving Speed (Max) X,Y: 700mm/Sec, Z:500 mm/sec
Cutting Speed (Max) 100mm/sec
Spindle High speed variable frequency motor, 265W
(58,000 rpm)
Motor of axes 3 axes (200W AC servo motors)
Programme Storage HDD
Cutting Ability Liner, L-Shape, Arc, U-Shape, Circular
Route planning Direct doordinate input or manual guiding
  with 10x CCD Camera
Routing bit Sectioning Max.2 sections
Program backup USB
PCB loding/unloading Manual
Setting fixture 2 stations
Power Supply 3 Phase AC 220V , +/- 3% , 50 Hz , 2.5 kw
Weight 390 Kg
Air 5 Kg/cm2
  Features for Dual Stage Routers
Fast and Precise: The max. running speed can reach 750 mm/sec without compromising its high precision: ±0.01mm (cutting precision: ± 0.1mm).
    Fiducial recognition: The machine is equipped with fiducial recognition option for high accuracy cutting.
Easy and Accurate: An assistant CCD Camera set will zoom in PCB 10 times and show a cross scale and cutting range on the screen.
    Flexible: Linear and circular routing / cutting fits any shape of PCB design.
    Friendly: Easy-to-use man-machine interface minimizes the time of programming.
Route Duplication: User only needs to set 2 referent point to duplicate a same route (In-Line, 2-Slide type)
Vacuum Cleaner: YSF Series Vacumm cleaner is designed for completely collecting dust & fragment during routing The operation of its high horse power motor & high speed fan results in efficient dust collection
Clean: Using a down cutting drill bit with a high efficiency downward dust colection system ensures minimal environmental contamination. An optional ionizer can balance static electricity to limit the dust generation.
Routing Bit Sectioning: Setting a distance, and have the routing bit shift-up or shift-down in order to multiply the life of routing bit
2-Way Sliding work Exchanger: Providing a simultaneously in-and-out working space to limit the idle time (In-line, 2-Slide) Left & Right tables can be loaded with 2 different programs allowing mix model operation
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