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Off -line Simultaneous Double-Sided Automated Optical Inspection System BF-10BT
The BF-10BT has been developed for the end of line inspection, it performs a simultaneous Automatic Optical Inspection of both sides of the PCB. It fully inspects both SMD and hand placed parts including PTH.BF-10BT can detect overlooked defects from earlier processes and improve the quality of your products. When operating in its standard 10µm resolution scanning mode, the BF-10Z can inspect a 250 x 330 mm panel in 19 seconds. When in 20µm resolution mode, 11 seconds. Now users can select between either resolution operating modes, choosing the one that best matches their accuracy needs with their throughput needs.


Key features:

  • Simultaneously Inspects Both Sides of PCBs
  • Reducing Inspection Process
  • Suitable for Final Inspection Process
  • Coaxial Overhead Light
  • Real-time Defection Management and Analysis
  • Selective Resolution System
  • Advantage of Line Scan Visual Inspection
  • Improved Operability
     System Specifications  
     Resolution  10µm, 20µm (Selective Resolution System)
     Board Size  50 x 50 mm - 250 x 330 mm
     Board Thickness  5.0mm
     Board Warp  +/- 1 mm
     PCB Clearance  40mm, Bottom : 40mm
     Rotated Component Support  Available for 0 to 359°rotation (unit of 1°)
     Inspection Categories  Presence/Absence, Misalignment, Tombstone, Reverse, Polarity,  Bridge, Foreign material, Absence of solder, Insufficient solder, lifted  lead, Lifted chip, and Fillet defect
     Tact Time  10µm: Approx. 19sec.(250×330mm)
     20µm: Approx. 11sec.(250×330mm)
     Image Scanning Time  10µm: Approx.16sec (250×330mm)
     20µm: Approx. 8sec (250×330mm)
     Camera (Image Processing)  Line color CCD camera
     Lighting  LED lighting system
     Operating System  Windows 7 Professional 64bit
     Optional System  BF-Editor / BF-RP1 / BF-View
     Optional  2D Barcode Recognition, Journal Printer, Blacklight (Conformal  Coating Inspection)
     Installation Specifications
     Electric Power Requirement  ∼100 - 120V / 200 to 240V +/-10%, 50/60Hz, 800VA
     Power Consumption  800VA
     Air Requirement  0.5MPa, 5L/min (ANR), 73PSI, 0.18CFM
     Usage Environment  15°C(59F) - 30°C(86F) / 15 - 80% RH(Non-condensing)
     Dimensions  850(W)×1405(D)×1130(H)mm
     Weight Approx  450kg
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