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Simultaneous Both-Side Automated Optical Inspection System BF-Tristar II
BF-Tristar II is the automated optical inspection system which inspects both sides of double-sided PCBs at once. At the same time, this system achieves the same inspection speed with single side inspections. It is equipped with two cameras for scanning each side of a PCB and has the Saki’s unique alternate scanning system. It also has 30 mm clearance on both sides. BF-Tristar II is suitable for inspections on the final process after the component assembly.

In a double-sided PCB mounting process, defects occur on Side A during the mounting process of Side B. In order to find such defects, two inspection machines and a PCB flipper are usually needed on the final inspection process. By installing BF-Tristar II, it enables to aggregate all these systems into one.


Key features:

  • Simultaneously Inspects Both Sides of PCBs
  • Coaxial Overhead Light
  • Reducing Inspection Process
  • Suitable for Final Inspection Process
  • High Resolution Imaging System
  • Advantage of Line Scan Visual Inspection
  • Real-time Defection Management and Analysis

System Specifications:

 Resolution  10 µm
 Board Size  50 x 60 to 250 x 330 mm, 2x2.4 to 10 x 13 in.
 Board Thickness  0.6 to 3.2 mm, 24 to 126 mils
 Board Warp  +/- 1 mm, 40 mils
 PCB Clearance  Top: 30 mm, 1.18 in. Bottom: 30 mm, 1.18 in.
 Rotated Component Support Available for 0 to 359o rotation (unit of 1o)
 Inspection Categories  Presence/Absence, Misalignment, Tombstone, Reverse, Polarity, Bridge, Foreign material,  Absence of solder, Insufficient solder, lifted lead, Lifted chip, and Fillet defect.
 Tact Time  Approx. 21 sec. (250 x 330 mm)
 Image Scanning Time  Approx. 8 sec. (250 x 330 mm)
 Camera (Image Processing)  Line color CCD camera
 Lighting  LED lighting system
 Transfer Conveyor Method  Flat belt transfer
 Transfer Conveyor Height  900 +/- 20 mm, 36 +/- 0.8 in
 Transfer Conveyor Width Adjustment  Automatic
 Operating System  Windows 7 English Version
 Optional System  BF-Editor / BF-RP1 / BF-Monitor / BF-View
 Optional  NA
 Installation Specifications  
 Electric Power Requirement Single Phase-  Single Phase~100 - 120V / 200 to 240V +/-10%,50/60Hz, 800VA
 Power Consumption  800VA
 Air Requirement  0.5MPa, 5L/min (ANR), 73PSI, 0.18CFM
 Usage Environment  15oC(59F) - 30oC(86F) / 15 - 80% RH(Non-condensing)
 Noise Level  59.7dB
 Dimensions  850 x 1295 x 1130 mm,
33.5 x 51 x 45.5 in.
 Weight Approx.  Approx. 450 kg, 992.07 lbs
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