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The SCS G3 Spin Coater series sets new standards in operating precision and programming flexibility, with a high level of rotation accuracy and repeatability, along with precise acceleration and deceleration control. The g3, coupled with SCS Mult-Dispense, enable research and development laboratoriesto easily and efficiency develop and refine coating applications for a variety of uses.


SCS 6800 Spin Coater Series
The SCS 6800 Spin Coater Series enables R&D and university laboratories to efficiency and accurately develop and refine coating applications. Its proprietary circuitry and user-friendly operation allow for the uniform application of photoresists, polymides, metal-organics, dopants, sillica films and most organic and aqueous solutions to planar substrates.

  Program Specifications and Profile
Figure 1 shows a representative example of a coating cycle that is easily and quickly programmed, saved and executed. Each dwell portion of the cycle can be defined in the range of 0 to 9,999 RPM (4,000 RPM max for the 15-inch model), with ramp times from 0.1 to 2.25 seconds, and coating cycles are interruptible by the operator at any time. Ramp-up time is dependent on the chuck sixe and substrate weight.
  Vacuum Chuks
Accesory chucks are available in several materials, including stainless steel, hard anodized aliminium, DELRIN® and Teflin®, for a variety of substrate types and dimension. Chuk components are machined to close tolerances for flatness and rigidity and feature a cross pattern to distribute the vacuum across mounting surfaces. A chuk size of 0.25 to 1 inch less than the substrate diameter is recommended. Fragile substrates should be supported across the entire surface.
  Type CS: Flat Surface Cross and Scroll
Used to hold a thin, planar substrate such as silicon, glass or germanium on a spinning sgaft for maximum rotational speed. Has cross and scroll design.
  Type L: O-Ring Vacuum-Holding with Mechanical Locating Fingers
Designed for heavy, large or unsymmetrical substrates. Guide fingers assist in positioning and holding substrates. Also includes an O-ring vacuum seal.
  Type H: O-Ring Vacuum-Holding
Used to hold realtive heavy substrates, such as glass, quartz, ceramic and metal. Features O-ring vacuum seal.
  Type R: Recessed Fixture
Custom manufactured to precise user-specified dimensions, with a milled recess for square or rectangular substrates.
SCS Multi-Dispense
The SCS Multi-Dispense enable users to dispense liquid materials to an SCS spincoat system from up to four different dispense modules (three with the use of N2). Materials can include coatings, solvents and cleaning solutions, in addition to N2 for inerting or drying. The Multi- Dispense eliminates the need for time-consuming cleaning and change-over, while providing the accurate and controlled caotings you have come to expect from SCS.
  SCS Multi-Dispense Specifications
Control Unit
•  Powered and operated by spincoat system
•  Controls up to four dispenses modules
•  Nitrogen Supply: 30 psi/2.1, >1 cfm/0.472L/s
•  Weight: 5 lb/2.3 kg
  Stainless Steel Dispense Module
•  1 qt (0.95 L) stainless steel
•  Pneumatically controlled material valve
•  Maximum pressure: 1.5 psi/1.034 bar
•  Various needles sizes available
•  Luer lock needle port
  HDPE Dispense Module
•  2.1 qt (2 L) HDPE
•  Pneumatically controlled material valve
•  Maximum pressure: 1.5 psi/1.034 bar
•  Various needles sizes available
•  Luer lock needle port

Program Storage
   Non programmable

   Single step profile
   Up to 30 programs. 20 steps each

Bowl Size
   Non programmable

   8 in / 29.3 cm
   8.12 and 15 in / 29.3, 30.5 and 38.1 cm

Power Input

   115/230 VC, 50/60 Hz, 1ø

Vacuum Input

   Minimum 17 in Hg / 430 mm Hg;
   O.D. fitting: 0.25 in / 0.635 mm

Purge Input

    0.55 CFM at psi / 14.15 CLm at 0.35 kg/cm2 air or
    nitrogen [with optional internal vacuum: 2.2 CFM, 60 psi]

Dimensions [W x D x H]
   Nonprogrammable, 8 in
   Programmable, 8 in
   Programmable, 12 in
   Programmable, 15 in

   12 x 15.4 x 10.5 in / 30.5 x 39.1 x 26.7 cm
   12 x 16.5 x 11.9 in / 30.5 x 41.1 x 30.2 cm
   16 x 20.5 x 11.9 in / 40.6 x 52.1 x 30.2 cm
   19 x 23.5 x 11.9 in / 48.3 x 59.1 x 30.2 cm

Optional Features
   Non programmable

   Internal Vacuum pump
   External vacuum pump
   Internal Vacuum pump
   External vacuum pump
   PC interface software
   Foot pedal
   Fume exhaust adapter
   Manual dispense
   Automated dispense ( SCS Multi-Dispense)
Type CS: Flat Surface Cross and Scroll
Type L: O-Ring Vacuum-Holding with Mechanical Locating Fingers
Type H: O-Ring Vacuum-Holding
Type R: Recessed Fixture
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