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PCB Laser Marking Machine from HGLASER is designed for bar codes marking, 2D codes and characters, graphics and other information on any kinds of printed circuit board. Integrated with high-performance CO2 / Fiber laser source, import high-pixel CCD camera and micron-level mobile module, PCB.

Key Features of the Machine:

  • Fast Marking Speed.
  • High Precision Marking.
  • compatible with Photoshop, CORELDRAW, AutoCAD and other CAD software.
  • Low Energy Consumption.
  • Flexible Structure.
  • High-quality laser beam, small focusing spots and well-distributed power.
  • High-pixel CCD camera makes automatic positioning, identification and feedback reporting come true.
  •  Gantry structure and synchronous transmission guide ways ensure the stable & precision performance.
  • Automatic focusing and track width adjusting are designed to match up different production lines.
  • Integrated with SMT online operation and automatic off-board station.
  • Independent research on specialized software for PCB marking, with function of preventing and repairing, reducing the rate of product irregularity.
  • Connected with MES system for data communication.


PCB Double-head Laser Marking Machine LCB 10/30 C-S5
 Laser Source

 TOP GRADE IPG/Raycus 10/20/30/50W pulsed fiber laser  source
 Coherent or Synrad or Rofin 10/20/30/40W for CO2 laser  source

 Control box  Laser power
 Cooling system  Air cooling 
 Scanner  China / German brand high speed
 Focus lens  F=160mm,area 110mm×110mm
 Marking software and  computer Processor 2.6G、memory≥2G、hardware≥500GB、17’LCD、SATA×2、 USB×8、COM×1、LDT×1、LAN×1,2×PCIe ,1× 8Channel I/O ,WINDOWS 7 (English version);
 Z axis system  Range 285mm
 Technical Specifications:

Double-head Double-Station PCB Laser Marking Machine LCB 10/30C – D5
Parameter LCD 10/20/30/50
 Laser source  Type  Fiber /CO2
 Wavelength  v1064nm (for fiber and CO2 laser  source)
 Output power  10/20/30/50W (for fiber and CO2 laser  source)
 Q switch frequency  ≤200 kHz (for fiber and CO2 laser  source)
 Galvo head  Max speed  7000mm/s
 Distinguish ratio  0.001mm
 Repeatability  0.003mm
 Optical output  characters  Marking range  F=160mm,area  110×110mm (Standard)
 Min line width  0.01mm
 Min characters height  0.2mm
 Cooling system  Cooling system  Air cooling (Fiber or CO2)
 Control System  Laser power supply  AC110-220V/50-60Hz
 Working table Z axis range  285mm
 Max Output power  1KW
 Working Condition  0~35°C,Humidity≤90% (for fiber and  CO2 laser source)
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